Mission is a restaurant operations, accounting and marketing team, running some of the busiest and best independent restaurants in Michigan for over a decade.

Manage for Mission

Our managers have rewarding careers with great compensation and benefits, including:

  • A five-day work week

    Our Managers work five shifts per week, usually nine to ten hours per day. Our Managers are able to have real lives outside of work!

  • Control of your store

    Our restaurants are Manager-driven, not corporate controlled. As a Manager you have a voice in decisions about your restaurant.

  • Good Compensation

    Pay increases are based on performance and we do reviews every year.

  • Bonuses

    All Managers are eligible for quarterly bonuses based on the restaurant’s financial and operational performance.

  • Benefits

    We have an excellent benefit package, including:

  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance.
  • Life insurance policy.
  • Paid vacations.
  • Free on-duty meals and a 50% discount off-duty at any of our locations.
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